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Hi, I'm Dakota and I love cinematography and photography! I graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film, Animation, Photography, & Motion Design. While I do have a comprehensive background in animation and motion design, my passion lies in Filmmaking and Photography. I am an aspiring cinematographer and I am always ready to get behind the camera, get my hands dirty, and to keep learning and growing. ​

Photography was one of my first loves. I first started learning on a film camera as a kid. I then was self taught late elementary school throughout high school. I finally got my first DSLR camera once I entered college where I then received proper teaching. 

I discovered my love for filmmaking and cinematography in my first film class in college. I realized I loved the magic of all the possible ways you could tell a story through a moving image. Cinematography allows me to merge my love of photography and filmmaking by composing the look, the feel, the emotions, and the magical world in a scene.  

Although I am based in Colorado, I absolutely love to travel and I'm always down to go where my work takes me. I love meeting new people and making new friends. I am always looking forward to sharing my passion with others, or just to chat over a cup of coffee. 

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